1. You choose your favourite dish from our menu and order until 4pm at

order@gotti.rocks or +41 76 432 42 92

2. Our chefs prepare your food for delivery

3. We deliver to your home the same day between 18:00 and 20:30 in biodegradable containers suitable to be heated in the oven

4. Your oven will conjure up a culinary delight according to the instructions of the chef

5. You and your guests enjoy the gastronomic highlight


You would like to surprise your guests at home with a gourmet menu? Let our chefs come to your home - we create your menu according to your wishes and budget and provide perfect service on-site.

You can send us your requests as follows: 

order@gotti.rocks /  +41 76 432 42 92

all-natural ingredients

The term natural is open to interpretation, but here is what it means to us:


Natural ingredients are whole--straight from the plant or animal--or they are made from whole ingredients, with a little processing and as few added flavorings, stabilizers, and preservatives as possible, thus keeping nutrients and original flavors intact.

environmentally friendly approach

We aim to buy from local farmers, buy organic products, using eco-friendly cookware for sustainable cooking, preserve fresh ingredients, using eco-friendly sources of energy, treating water with respect, discard all waste material and leave them to compose, keep from plastics.


If you have any thoughts, be sure to leave us your comments.


All dishes are delivered in biodegradable packaging materials – respective instructions are included.

The production of the food is carried out under the greatest observance of hygienic measures, our cooks wear masks and gloves, the same applies to our delivery staff. The food is packed and delivered in biodegradable containers.